Business Law

Effective & Sensible Representation

We aim to be the one law firm for all of your business needs.  In addition to our expertise in intellectual property and employment law, we have direct experience in every facet of business law.  From general counsel services, corporate and shareholder issues, contract drafting and litigation, we have the experience and knowledge to understand all of your business legal needs to advise you effectively and efficiently.

Below is a brief list of the business law services we regularly provide for our clients.


Guidance for complex business deals.


Choosing the right business structure and setting it up correctly is very important.


I can help you navigate the world of board meetings, shareholder rights, and draft a set of bylaws.


Getting sued is never fun, but suing someone who owes you can be. 


Partnership agreements, leases, buy/sells, shareholder agreements, and all other agreements.


From formation to dissolution.